ctrackCEILING TRACK for studio lighting -  Cat ref 400

The ultimate solution to getting stands and cables off the studio floor. Single hand operation with full horizontal and vertical movement gets heads into any position within the systems operating area. Simple fixing - 24 screws only.

No two studios are the same, and the flexibility of the system means almost every system requires advice planning and design, which is available  from Lux S. Telephone support during installation is also free of charge.


Although the principal system is marketed as a kit for two heads giving coverage over an area of just over 3m x approx 5m, components may be added to create your system as you wish.

LuxS do advocate keeping systems as simple as possible: Running more than one mobile rail and pantograph on the same fixed rails does cause some difficulty with cabling.
If considering using the track system for background and hair lighting, it is suggested that you also consider using wall mounted booms, which besides making a cost saving, impinge on the image area considerably less than a head mounted on a ceiling track system.

The Ceiling track system is almost entirely of metal construction, with the only plastic being the cable clips on the pantographs. The bearings on which the carriages run are steel, meaning a minimum of clogging due to dust.

How does ceiling track work? Watch this YouTube video we shot to help you understand the versatile relationship between the components

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ceilingtrackmandnwebCeiling track for studio lighting - The Mini Kit installed in '2H' layout

The MINI KIT Cat ref 400 comprises:btpn
4 no 3m rails with two end stops per rail
2 no 1.5m rails with four end stops per rail
2 no Pantographs
6 no Cable carriers
4 no Double Swivels (to mount travelling rails to fixed rails)
Fixings for flat solid ceilings

This allows for the layout shown in the image above. However, it can be just as practical to lay it out as 4.5m fixed rails (by butt joining the 3 and 1.5m rails) and running 2 no 3m mobile rails.

cthalfkitHalf mini kit installed
Also available

Half Mini Kit  Cat ref 400a
2no 3m rails, 1 no 1.5m rails, 1 pantograph 3 cable carriers, 2 dbl swivels, fixings



Rail, Carriage and Spigot
ctdblswivel'Double Swivel' - allows both rails to move3m track, carriage with light spigot fitted
Ideal for hair and background lighting.

Components available

Rail - up to 3m lengths per m (supplied with fixings and end stops)
Cable Carriers
Double Swivels
Rail carriage only
Rail carriage with light spigot
Pantograph complete with carriage

ctcarrspigCeiling track carriage with spigot - ideal for single hairlightPlease note that the '2H' layout allows the standard 6m cable supplied with most heads to be used with the socket close to the rear of the system. Other conformations may mean that longer cables are required, which are available for most makes of lighting, or custom cables can be made up by your electrician.

When assembled, the spigot for fitting the head will be 48cm (19in) below ceiling height: Note that a modifier on the front of a head will usually be considerably above this level, meaning the working range is up to ceiling height, or very close to it. At full downward extension, the spigot will be 158cm (63in) below ceiling level: Again, this will be extended by the body of the light and the chosen modifier.

Customising the lengths of rails is a simple cut of the relatively soft alloy rails, and travel of the mobile rails can also be restricted by moving the end stops inward from the end of the rail.

The systems are supplied with pantograph springs fitted according to the make of your lights which you should state when ordering. The springs work on a counterbalance system, and when drawn downwards your heads should stay in position. The correct spring will have a working range of approx + or - 0.75kg

If the head rises, then it is necessary to add weight either at the bottom of the pantograph or onto the head itself, and if the head continues to descend, the load is too heavy for the spring, and a stronger spring or lighter load should see the pantograph function correctly.

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Common myths....

There is NO MINIMUM or MAXIMUM ceiling height which is suitable for mounting a ceiling track system. Fittings are available to either extend the pantographs or to lower the height at which the fixed rails are mounted.

Ceiling track CAN be used in rooms with suspended ceilings and fixed under pitched rooves!

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