Ordering from LuxS

Whilst we embrace the new technology heartliy, we realise that the degree of personalisation usually required with our products requires a more personal touch and some discussion and so we have decided not to pursue online ordering.

We welcome your orders by email,using the Contact Us link above,by telephone as above or by fax. Alternatively you can order in person at any of the events listed on the 'Where to see' pages of this website (please request prior permission of the organisers to visit for seminar events) or our showroom in deepest greenest West Dorset is available at all times (weekends and holidays included) by appointment(Discounts tend to be less at weekends and holidays!)

Please confirm the total cost including VAT and delivery with us before sending cheques by mail: Generally speaking our preferred method of settlement is by credit or debit card by phone when we will give you the total amount before you confirm your order. We can accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express, whose systems remain incompatible with ours.


Again, the diversity of the items we offer prohibits a blanket carriage figure being given: Generally speaking (Jan 2011), small hardware items,posing kits, props and backgrounds up to 2.4m (8ft) will cost £6-10 +VAT to deliver, and any background over 2.1m(8ft) or longer hardware items will be £12-20 +VAT, these rates being for UK mainland. Charges are weight based up to 10 or 20 kg, so multiple items (especially background papers) will usually be delivered within one delivery charge.


In placing your order we deem you to be aware of our terms of business, especially with respect to deliveries and returns.

To briefly summarize: We cannot accept claims for damage in transit if packages are signed for in good condition: In signing for a delivery you are also signing for it in good condition: If you in any way suspect damage, you must annotate the delivery information clearly, and we ask you to inform us immediately if there is any damage in transit.

We are not obliged to accept returns on any goods produced or imported to order, or modified to your specification in any way from that described in our literature. Any returns on these goods are at our discretion.

Our normal delivery time for stock items is 5 working days: If goods are required sooner than that, and we agree to despatch, any notification of return must be made before 5pm on the day of receipt. We cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery.

Please follow the link above for our full terms and conditions