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pblox2webChildren's Props

A selection of colourful props for working with Children, featuring the noted Studio Decor 'Sweeties' and 'Playblox' along with colourful ride-ons, various number and date blocks and soft mats.

Make the studio session memorable and fun - and remember that props don't have to be in the final image.



swttsSweeties - Image by Dave Tipton, Silver Image, Stockport'SWEETIES' Cat ref 521    Kids love 'em

Designed in 1998 by Trish Sparkes, former proprietor of Studio Decor, Sweeties have become a studio favourite with hundreds of sets providing hours of fun and many memorable images throughout the UK, Ireland and abroad. Comprising five pieces of varying in size from 18in to 6in, the set can also be covered with fabric and used as a set of child sized posing stools.

45cm (18") and 22cm (9") Square profile blocks, upholstered with hard wearing fabric, 30cm (12") and 15cm (6") Cylinders, upholstered with fur fabric, Tubular piece.


 pblox1web'Not heavy enough to hurt'

PLAYBLOX Cat ref 534
Make the studio FUN!!!!

A set of colourful high density foam blocks, to amuse and entertain children of all ages, and make their studio visit memorable.

Set comprises 1 no long square profile block, 2 no half length same profile
                     1 no large 'brick' profile, 2 no half thickness 'bricks'
Colour combinations may vary between sets.

Available as single or double sets.

Hard enough to kneel or stand on, but soft enough not to hurt. Light enough to carry but not heavy enough to hurt.

pbloxonlywebPlayblox - a set of 6 sponge brickspbloxbury1Help them relax and forget where they arepbloxSamImage by Future Earth, Rotherham







  glynstrnImage by Glyn Skinnertrike

Colourful Ride-ons Cat Ref 504

Ideal for the toddler that won't sit still... although we have often had requests from photographers for replacements as once they get on, they don't want to get off!

A choice of a colourful Train, or a Colourful Trike. (nb colour combinations on items may vary). Wheels can be immobilised with a discreet screw and/or block of wood if necessary.

Train - 45 x 31 x 34cm (18 x 13 x 14 in)     Trike - 50 x 25 x 34cm (20 x 10 x 14in)


Alphabet Blocks   Cat Ref 532

sp blocksalphablocks

A set of 28 solid beech blocks, with each face bearing a brightly coloured letter, the fonts varying between the faces. Ideal to spell out names and words

The blocks are 4.5cm (1.75in) cubes.



Number / Letter  Blocks Cat ref 134    Number/Letter Cubes Cat ref 148

dateblocksDate set shown with CP2219 PlaybrarymadnumblockwebNumber / Letter cubewhtblox1decalsNumber /Letter blocks - on all four sides, or leave two sides plain

Letter/Number blocks (centre image) as shown in a nesting set of 2 - 30x30x45h cm (12x12x18in) and 23x23x30h cm (9 x 9 x 12in)
Available with either letters/numbers on 2 faces per block or all 4. Colour of letters and numbers may vary.

Please see White Blocks HERE for other similar plain white block and box products

Date and Letter/Number Cubes are 30cm (12in) cubes, Letters/numbers on all faces.
Date sets will be black numbers - Other colour numbers available (supplementary charge)

 Alphamats Cat ref 533 - Only a couple of sets left

A Pack of 30 Colourful soft interlocking tiles with large letters, numbers and shapes that push out - Great for studio play and to amuse the young (and maybe old!) Tiles are 30cm (12in) square.

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